Forest carbon project developers, investors, and credit buyers can use our high accuracy Cambodia land cover datasets to originate, review, or monitor projects across the country.

Our audit-grade land cover map spans 18 million hectares of Cambodia, with granular land cover classification and change maps across a number of time points to support all phases of project lifecycles.


Granular Land Cover Insights

Our data and maps covers 18 million hectares in Cambodia, producing detailed insights on granular land cover classes across a number of time points.

With a flexible data delivery model, you can access the entire dataset, carve-outs of specific Areas of Interest, or purchase out of the box Insight Reports to support technical due diligence and impact assessment.

Land Cover Classifications

  • Forest
  • Non-forest Natural Vegetation
  • Agriculture
  • Plantation
  • Water
  • Bare

Change Data

  • Stable forest
  • Deforestation
  • Regrowth
  • Stable non-forest


Local Calibration to Factor in Regional Ecosystems

Cambodia hosts a range of forest types, including evergreen, semi evergreen, deciduous forests, flooded forests, mangroves, which creates a rich ecological landscape, but creates additional challenges for generating accurate nature data insights.

Our mapping process fuses multiple satellite sensors and integrates ecological expertise to train our machine learning framework to take into account these local factors to compile a comprehensive, accurate, and reliable dataset


Ensuring Accuracy Against Challenging Landscapes

We assess the accuracy of our products and their uncertainty in a statistically rigorous way, following best practice as described in the scientific literature and following international standards and provide associated results for every map – whether at the national-level or a single AOI.

When compared to Global Forest Watch deforestation data over the same time period, we found that our map more adequately represents forest loss.


How our data supports your NbS program

For Investors

Conduct first-pass review of projects with screening data

Review projects with audit-grade data

Independently monitor projects over time

For Developers

Screen large areas to identify new project locations

Originate projects with activity and land use data

Data to support issuance and project promotion

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