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Webinar Agendas:

  • Natural capital trends and deforestation drivers.
  • Localised challenges in creating high quality nature mapping data through remote sensing.
  • How project developers and investors can use Space Intelligence data to maximise and showcase nature impact from forest carbon projects.

Duration: 20 minutes

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Meet the Speakers

Dr Alexis Moyer

Customer Solutions Lead

Dr. Alexis Moyer is a remote sensing scientist with expertise in combining satellite and field-based data to provide innovative solutions to complex environmental problems. She has a PhD in Environmental Sciences from the University of Edinburgh, where she used satellite data to explore the impact of climate change in the Arctic. As the Customer Solutions Lead at Space Intelligence, Alexis explores ways satellite data can be used to provide insight and support for nature-based solutions and nature-positive financial decision-making.

Dr Sophie Flack-Prain

Reporting and Insights Lead

Sophie is the reporting and insights lead at Space Intelligence, working to link VCU standards and methodologies to high quality science and nature mapping data. Until recently, she worked as a senior mapping scientist, leading the generation of jurisdictional scale landcover maps. She has extensive experience harnessing remote sensing data and machine learning approaches.

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