We supply consistent, timely, and accurate information
on Nature Based Solutions projects around the world.

We provide you the answers you need
in plain English, and driven by world-class science.

Our committed and talented team helps to protect
the world's forests by providing accurate
information on the carbon they contain.

Our trusted information provides confidence in
Nature Based Solutions for a growing network
of businesses committing to climate action.

Space Intelligence

Whatever the environment you work in,
Space Intelligence provides the intelligence
you need to reduce your environmental risk,
and to enable you to develop, manage and monitor
your Nature Based Solutions portfolio.

Climate change is the defining challenge of our times.

Nature Based Solutions to climate change involve conserving and replanting forests, and restoring peatlands to suck up carbon, and conserve biodiversity.

To be successful, these projects need to be monitored, and their benefits quantified.


We supply information on the performance of Nature Based Solutions to climate change to companies and governments around the world.

We do this using our unique expertise at the intersection of satellite data analytics, AI, and forest ecology.


We can provide information for NBS projects around the world.

Stopping and reversing deforestation
and forest degradation
is crucial for hitting Net Zero
and halting the biodiversity crisis.