Introducing Space Intelligence’s new mapping platform – Global Overview of Delivery of Carbon In Operational Projects (GOOD-COP). 

Interest in purchasing carbon offsets or otherwise funding Nature Based Solutions projects is exploding, as individuals, companies and governments look to offset their emissions as part of their path to become net zero (or carbon negative). However, finding out where projects are located and how they’re doing is very difficult, as the relevant details are often hidden in individual web pages or pdf reports. We at Space Intelligence have built GOOD-COP to address this problem.

This is the first time voluntary sector forest carbon projects from around the world are presented in an interactive map. We currently include projects certified by Verra, Plan Vivo and the Woodland Carbon Code, and we’re working on adding more.

Explore the map to find where projects are located and what activity is taking place (e.g. tree planting, forest protection), to see how the world is taking action on climate change through Nature Based Solutions. We also provide some background layers to help independently assess these projects, and help potential buyers of credits or supporters of projects with their decisions: these include open access maps of biodiversity, carbon and past deforestation.

If you’d like more high resolution, up-to-date or different datasets under any of these projects, or to compare/assess a suite of them: please get in touch, as that’s what we do!

GOOD-COP will evolve over time to bring in more projects and more data about reported and real performance, assessed through our unique satellite-derived products HabitatMapperTM and CarbonMapperTM.

We’d love to hear your feedback so we can build a more useful service: our primary aim with this site is to help high quality forest carbon projects find the right buyers for their credits, and to increase transparency in the whole market, to everyone’s benefit. We want it to be as useful a possible! Please let us know any comments or suggestions, or if you’d like your data to be shown on here, by emailing [email protected]