Landcover Mapping for Nature-Based Solutions Projects

Understand and track change in habitats over large areas

Track Change.

With HabitatMapper™ we are able to map the landcover variation of any ecosystem on Earth, and track how it is changing with time. By reproducing these landcover maps at intervals, we determine the change in the habitat of the area. These can be reproduced over a timescale which best suits your project.

We perform classification on our landcover maps by bringing together our custom-built machine learning tools, with our in-house brain trust who further refine our algorithms over time and perform detailed checks on outputs. Our landcover maps have high degrees of accuracy for many habitat classifications across a large scale to ensure valuable insights into your area of interest.

Insights you can trust.

With HabitatMapper™ we are able to produce highly accurate maps consistently and quickly. We can also reliably repeat them year after year (or month after month if circumstances require it, e.g. to monitor changes due to mining), to track changes in landcover. The habitat classes are carefully customised based on the local conditions and the client’s requirements.  Our decades of experience in habitat mapping around the world support the production of highly accurate mapping data that you can trust.

Explore Our Full Range of Mapping Support.

We provide products to cover your entire nature-based solutions project. If you need support in screening and scoping out an opportunity, have a look at our CanopyMapper™ product to see how we can help. Through our in-house scientific expertise, we ensure all of our products are of exceptional quality. We promise accuracy, consistency, and timeliness throughout our services.