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Each month, Space Intelligence co-founder and CEO, Murray Collins, rounds up the biggest news on natural capital initiatives, carbon markets, and the work we do to support investment in nature.

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Solving for Cloud Cover in Forest Carbon Project MRV

With the majority of forest carbon projects located in the tropics, did you know one of the key challenges in mapping in these regions is cloud cover? In some areas we work it can be …

Five Reasons High Resolution Satellite Data isn’t Always Suitable for MRV

While it might seem counterintuitive: the highest resolution satellite data doesn’t always produce the highest quality results about the earth’s land cover and how it’s changing. Commercially available Earth Observation imagery has evolved dramatically over …

Unlocking Space for Business: Space Intelligence selected by UK Space Agency for nature investment R&D

Space Intelligence has been awarded an SBRI contract by the UK Space Agency for a feasibility study to support the use of satellite data by financial institutions for nature investment. The data is undeniable: we …

How REDD+ is protecting forests globally, with Dr Maren Pauly from Everland

In the final episode of Season 1 of The Nature-Based Solutions podcast, we speak with Dr Maren Pauly, Director of Evaluation and Research at Everland about the work of Everland, the state of REDD+, and …