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C Surface standing and running waters

D1 Raised and blanket bogs

D2 Valley mires, poor fens and transition mires

D4 Base-rich Fens And Calcareous Spring Mires

E1 Dry grasslands

E2 Mesic grassland

E3 Seasonally wet and wet grasslands

E4 Alpine and subalpine grasslands

E5 Woodland fringes and clearings and tall forb stands

F2 Arctic, alpine and subalpine scrub

F3 Temperate and mediterranean-montane scrub

F4 Temperate shrub heathland

F9 Riverine and fen scrubs

G1 Broadleaved Deciduous Woodland

G3 Coniferous Woodland

G4 Mixed Deciduous And Coniferous Woodland

G5 Lines Of Trees, Small Anthropogenic Woodlands, Early-stage Woodland And Coppice

H2 Screes

H3 Cliffs And Rock Pavements

I1 Arable Land And Market Gardens

J Built-up

O Bare Land