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We support nature-based solutions projects worldwide through our advanced product offering, using our unique expertise at the intersection of satellite data analytics, artificial intelligence, and forest ecology. Our passion for climate projects and heritage in science and technology ensure excellence in our offering to provide our clients with the answers to their business critical questions.

All our work is based on extensive scientific research – read some of our papers here.

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Our innovative ideas and trusted information on the performance of nature-based solutions provide confidence to a growing network of businesses committing to climate action around the world. Our products deliver peace of mind utilising satellite data to track project progress on a larger scale than on-the-ground data collection.

Winner of the Shell GameChanger award, funding innovators in nature-based solutions, our data has been used to certify forest carbon projects across the tropics, from Peru to Mozambique to Cambodia and beyond. We are a fast evolving scientific hub with our founders alone having over thirty years of experience working on cutting-edge applications of satellite technology.

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