For project developers looking to identify, create, and monitor high-quality nature-based solutions, Space Intelligence provides robust nature data to support all phases of your project.

Instead of relying on inconsistent and inaccurate geospatial data, or laborious field work, Space Intelligence combines decades of forest ecology, remote sensing, and data analysis to provide you with the highest quality, out-of-the-box insights for your project.

Supporting climate impact through data for the carbon markets ecosystem

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Easily identify the best opportunities for your next project

Our global data helps you spend less time and resource searching for potential sites through provision of high-quality geospatial data and easy-to-action output.

Access on-demand global maps through an easy-to-use web platform to screen entire regions and understand risks and opportunities of project areas.

Dig deeper into specific areas of interest and access data on canopy cover and landcover change over your required time periods.

Opportunities for your next project

Maximise and evidence your project’s potential

Support your project’s audit and accreditation process with greater confidence in baseline mapping.

Our granular and accurate estimates of regional above-ground biomass and carbon stocks more accurately quantify additionality than solely relying on field data, or open-source global maps.

We combine 20-30m spatial resolution data, with advanced machine learning, and a foundation of decades of combined experience in remote sensing and forest ecology to give you the most confidence in your project data.

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More frequently monitor and verify your projects

Ensure your project is on track to its carbon goals with clear oversight into changes of land cover classes, biomass, and carbon stocks on a recurring basis with Space Intelligence’s dMRV services.

Identify where natural or manmade deforestation is occurring across your sites to protect your projects’ credit issuance.

Our dMRV services are more cost effective than traditional monitoring processes, which means you can verify more frequently and accelerate carbon credit issuance.

Opportunities for your next project

How It Works

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Step 1: You identify your project areas and requirements

Use our global layers to help narrow into specific areas of interest and conduct your first stage of feasibility assessment. Then, our team will work with you to understand the stage and requirements of your project and collect the relevant information about the Area of Interest, time periods for review, and field data you have.

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Step 2: We collect and analyze geospatial data

We fuse large amounts of data from a number of satellites and field data using our proprietary technology, developed through over 30 years’ of combined experienced of research.

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Step 3: You get out-of-the-box insights

Whether you need information on canopy coverage, carbon or biomass estimates, we deliver the resulting information and analysis in the format you need it.

We can produce bespoke reports for truly out-of-the-box insights, create custom online maps for visual interpretation, or supply data files of the output for further analysis by in-house geospatial intelligence teams.

Maximise your project’s impact

Space Intelligence is a trusted provider to both sides of the nature-based solutions ecosystem and is on a mission to end deforestation and achieve mass reforestation by providing the data needed to create and support high-quality forest carbon projects.

Enquire now to explore how to maximise your project’s impact with Space Intelligence.

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