Spend less time and resource researching potential project sites with our high-quality data and easy-to-use output.

CanopyMapper provides a large-scale overview of canopy cover and over-time change to identify conservation or restoration opportunities.

Quickly Identify High Impact Project Sites

We provide a fast, low complexity approach to measure canopy cover and detect cover change.

This is suitable on large areas to map the best opportunities that can deliver the best return on your carbon credits.

Easy qualification/disqualification of opportunities with access to more data upfront.


See Full Country Overviews

We provide the big picture overview you need to identify high-quality forest carbon projects. See what is occurring in the landscape of the country you are considering working with.

Opportunities for your next project

How It Works

Map pointer

Select your country overview

Provide us with details on the country or regions you are interested in, and the timeframe you want to assess landscape change across.

Satellite Icon

We build your custom map

Our team of geospatial analysts gather multiple sources of satellite data from across the required time-periods, and analyse it employing our ecology and machine learning resources.

Report Check

Access Insights

Output of our work is delivered to you in a bespoke report with mapping, data, and analysis to meet your needs.

Maximise your project’s impact

Space Intelligence is the trusted provider to both sides of the nature-based solutions ecosystem and is on a mission to end deforestation and achieve mass reforestation by helping to support high-quality forest carbon projects.

Our deep experience means we are a trusted partner that understands your needs.

Enquire now to explore how to maximise your project’s impact with Space Intelligence.

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